Macarons – ah yes, who doesn’t love them? It has become the most coveted cookie in recent years. The slightly crunchy exterior and the chewy inside. Not to mention the array of colors and flavors! The ones I had in Paris were divine, although I was so focused on the amazing croissants, breads, and cheeses that the macarons came secondary. Next time, I will visit the famous Laduree.

This was inspired by the common misspelling of the cookie. I always see them spelled “macaroon,” which a completely different dessert. The coconut macaroon is the most popular one that I know of. Hopefully this will help people remember. I couldn’t decide which color background I liked more, so here’s both!

Just did a quick google search and it appears that “macaroon” is the english spelling of “macaron.” Oh well, I still like the french spelling! Anyone else share my sentiments?

Bon appetit!