Headed over to Renegade Holiday Fair this weekend on my bike. It was a warm and gorgeous day in SF. Bay Area weather is a character of its own. Cold in the summer, warm in the winter. Okay, warmer. I swear it only gets cold when there are visitors!

The place was packed! And this was only the first hour.

Vintage-inspired posters from Victory Gardens of Tomorrow based in Portland, Oregon.

Adorable pins and cufflinks from Mehoi.

Highlight of the day: speaking with artist Jason Munn of “The Small Stakes” who also lives in Oakland, CA. He designs posters for some of my favorite bands, including Death Cab for Cutie, Stars, and The Shins. I love his work and I believed I turned 3 shades of red as I asked him about the shop he gets his work printed at, which I pass by often. This always happens to me when I talk to people I admire! He was really nice and kind of dorky like many artists that I meet. Wish I had more time to pick his brain. Something I am bonking my head over now is that I should’ve picked up his book and had him autograph it. I think I was just too overwhelmed w/the fair. Next time!